Highest Paying Finance Jobs You Will Find

Finance is a lucrative prospect. Although it is one of the most high-pressure environments you will ever work in, it is also one of the highest paying sectors in the world. So it is also one of the most sought after and competitive fields as well. Getting into the field is tougher and surviving in it is even more so. Er empfahl mir, Viagra 50 mg in einer flüssigen Kapsel nur für mich selbst zu probieren. Ich entschied mich, viagra 100 sofort zu probieren, trank eine Kapsel und bemerkte den Effekt. Jetzt stellt sich die Frage, ob die Dosis nicht zu hoch ist.

It will take time to climb the ladder. Somebody getting to the top of the ladder in a couple of years is unhear of, but when you get to the top though, it rains money. There is nothing quite like it and all the effort that led to it will be worth it. The highest paying jobs, and therefore the most competitive, in the financial industry – including four chief executive positions and investment professionals at hedge funds – are even harder to land.

Retail and Commercial Banking

Whatever said and done, retail banking is still and forever will be the cornerstone of the financial industry. It will be the top paying job in the financial sectors even for the years to come. Private retail banks have some lucrative offers to finance graduates and offer deposit accounts, credit and debit cards, personal and business loans, and mortgages.

Investment Banking

Investment banking is the king of all financial related jobs. No doubt about it. It is one of the most lucrative sectors in the finance industry and will remain so as long as money itself exists. You provide major financing for corporations and governments through both equity capital markets and debt capital markets by handling stock and bond issues for their clients as an investment banker, as well as arrange general debt financing.


Insurance companies make a lot of money and in turn pay well as well. I have not heard of a single insurance company that is managed well go bankrupt and you will never hear of it as well. Because they are designed and built in a manner that they get the biggest pie of the prize. As part of a insurance company you will assist investment bankers in assessing and underwriting the risks associated with the capital markets financing they provide for their clients

Hedge Funds

Hedge funds are another lucrative prospect for finance graduates. They usually serve the investment needs of high net worth individuals (HNWI) and large institutional investors, offering investment and money management services in return for management fees and a percentage of profits from the investments.