PPI Claims

Have you got an unfair Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) policy?

It’s important to find out because thousands of UK banking consumers have already made PPI claims to get their money back. Since 2003 there have been over two million known victims of PPI mis selling and with over 20 million policies out there, you could have more than one PPI claim to make.

If you weren’t made away of all the terms and conditions of your PPI, then your policy may have been mis-sold to you. We can help you establish if this is the case and then take care of your entire claim from start to finish. To get started with your PPI claim, give us a call on 0800 840 7292 and speak to one of our experts about getting your money back.

PPI has ben mis-sold on:

- Car Finance
- Loans
- Mortgages
- Credit cards
- Other borrowings

Plus: you can still claim, even if you’ve paid back all of the borrowing. In fact it’s essential you look into it because you may have paid upfront for the mis-sold cover. Worse still you could have been paying interest on the PPI along AS WELL AS the borrowing meaning you ended up paying them more than the agreed amount There could be many reasons why you have been mis-sold, so make sure you try and get all of your money back.

One of the most common methods of PPI miselling was suffered by consumers who took out cover alongside a mortgage, credit card or loan. This is by far the most likely way that you have been sold PPI and due to lack of information and explanation that many received, there are numerous cases of unfair PPI being sold.

If you think you’ve taken out PPI without being made aware of the exclusions and conditions then you could claim all your payments back. But how do you do it? Well, we’re not the only way to go about it; you can make the claim yourself. Just bear in mind that making PPI compensation claims on your own can be very stressful as lenders may use delay tactics on individuals to try and put you off claiming.

These tactics can include losing documents and may result in you having to re-do and re-send paperwork. If you fancy doing it the easy way on a No Win-No-Fee basis, then our experts will work on your behalf to get back your money by taking care of the whole process from start to finish. Here’s what to do to get your PPI claim started today – Simply call one of our team on FreePhone 0800 840 7292, give us a few details and we’ll get cracking. Then, just sit-back and we’ll keep you updated on any progress!

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