Alphatise Users Choose the price: The App that Reverses the Power of the Shopper and Brings Big Deals

Who has the power in commerce? It may seem like the consumer, but that isn’t exactly true. The consumers can respond to pricing, but it isn’t always direct. The bottom line is that a consumer does not seem to affect the price. It is controlled by other means- systems larger than their own.

With the alphatise app, users can select how much they want to pay for an item. Of course, the power to choose the price is not limitless. The alphatise app accounts for this. For example, User A is looking for a new Adventure Time-themed bedding sheet set under $50. If the item is found, the user receives an email. They can opt to purchase the item right there, and it will be sent to them. The address on file is the one that will be used though users can change any of their account details from the app.

But, what if the bedding sheet goes for closer to $200? It is a unique item after all. When the item is added to the watchlist, the system will state how likely it is to find the item at that price. Yes, it is possible to see 1%. Users can patiently wait. Fortunately, they know how likely it is to receive that price, and can account for that detail in their expectations.

In a retail purchase, everything is slowed down. The alphatise system solves all the problems of retail buying. This includes:

  • Not knowing the price, and ending up buying something at a price that one was not initially willing to
  • Having items unavailable after spending time looking for it
  • Buying other items, needlessly, in pursuit of one item in particular
  • These seem like small issues, but they arise every time a new item is needed for the home or for good old entertainment

Users will also be able to find an assortment of deals that are hand-selected for them. Friends lists can be made to share deals that are available. It is a way to increase the social components of the app. Users set the price- together- in increase their power in the economy.

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